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Basilica of Saint Mary Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

"The World and the Church in 1795" with Robert Royal - 1795 Lecture Series

Robert Royal is the founder and President of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, D.C. and Editor-in-Chief of The Catholic Thing. He is author of over 10 books and his his articles have appeared in scholarly journals and publications including First Things, The Wilson Quarterly, The Catholic Historical Review, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and National Review. He is a frequent contributor on EWTN and can be regularly seen on "The Papal Posse" segment on The World Over

The "1795 Lecture Series" is one of the ways the Basilica of Saint Mary is commemorating our 225th anniversary. 

Founded in 1795, the Basilica of Saint Mary in Old Town Alexandria is the first Catholic parish established in Virginia. Pope Francis named the church a minor basilica on December 6, 2017 due to its important role in the growth of the Catholic Church in North America.