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Basilica of Saint Mary Podcast

Nov 8, 2019

Dr. Deal W. Hudson talked about his new book, How to Keep from Losing Your Mind: Educating Yourself Classically to Resist Cultural Indoctrination, during a lecture at the Basilica of Saint Mary on November 5, 2019.

Dr. Hudson is the author of seven books. He taught philosophy at three major universities for 15 years and worked in magazine publishing for 20 years. In 2014, Dr. Hudson started the “Church and Culture” series on the Ave Maria Radio Network and in 2015 he launched The Christian Review.

Founded in 1795, the Basilica of Saint Mary in Old Town Alexandria is the first Catholic parish established in Virginia. Pope Francis named the church a minor basilica on December 6, 2017 due to its important role in the growth of the Catholic Church in North America.